Vol. 1 (2007)
ISSN 1864-6018
Editor: Barbara Seyock

Editor's Note




I am glad to announce the launching of the print version of the Bulletin of the Society for East Asian Archaeology (BSEAA). The first issue, after collecting and publishing articles online at SEAA-web throughout the last year, has now been concluded and appears as BSEAA, Vol. 1 (2007), in a complete and paginated version and under its own ISSN (1864-6026).

BSEAA provides a means for publishing manuscripts, such as field reports, project outlines, conference reports, book reviews, museum roundups, descriptions of places of interest etc., or brief essays on various issues in East Asian archaeology. The articles of BSEAA will continue to appear online at varying intervals over the year. We are thus trying to diminish the usual delay between submitting a paper and having it published.




Editor's Note
SHŌDA Shinya: A Comment on the Yayoi Period Dating Controversy
Jane OKSBJERG: Karakami – A Yayoi Site in Iki Island
Jane OKSBJERG: The Last Excavation at Shōbuzako Kofun
TSUJITA Jun’ichirō: The Change in the Distribution System of Bronze Mirrors at the Beginning of Kofun Period Japan : as seen from Fragmented Bronze Mirrors
Classical Western Writings on East Asian Archaeology and Anthropology    
Michael MOOS (intr. and annot.): Two Essays on Japanese Archaeology by Edward S. MORSE 57-76
Edward S. MORSE: Traces of an Early Race in Japan
Edward S. MORSE: Dolmens in Japan
Book Reviews & Review Articles    
Joseph A. STYLES: A Contested Chronology of the Yayoi-Kofun Transition

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Recommended citation

Please cite BSEAA online articles as in the following example:
SHŌDA, Shinya 2007, A Comment on the Yayoi Dating Controversy. Bulletin of the Society for East Asian Archaeology (BSEAA) 1,

SHŌDA, Shinya: A Comment on the Yayoi Dating Controversy. Bulletin of the Society for East Asian Archaeology (BSEAA) , Vol. 1 (2007), pp. 1-7.


If you like to have a manuscript published in BSEAA, please look up the Contribution Guidelines (Service), and send an e-mail to the editor.



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